Start a business today, even if you already own one!

Start a business today, even if you already own one!

Pat Deering of FranNet of Tampa/Orlando fits people with franchises that fit their personality and lifestyle.  I have worked with her for many years, and have many clients that have started successful franchises with her help.  We met today, and she shared with me the following information about “absentee business franchises.” 

“We are getting more semi-absentee business in our portfolio.  These are business where the owner manages an onsite manager or lead person, spending approx. 5-10 hours per week of their time dedicated to the business.   A general view of the businesses that fit this model are hair care, exercise, massage, and various specialty food (yogurt, for example). 

This model is appeals to the following groups:
• A corporate executive/manager looking for an exit strategy.  They can keep their day job while building this business.
• A person who currently owns a business and wants to diversify.
• A retired person or someone planning on retiring who does not want to work full time but needs to fund a retirement.”

She has also been able to line many clients up with financing (SBA loans and other) for financing the franchises.

If interested, call Pat Deering to find out more!  Check out her web site…

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