IRS Letter 2205A

Letter 2205A: IRS Audit Notification

What It Is:

Letter 2205A is a notification from the IRS indicating that your tax return has been selected for an audit. This letter typically requests additional information and may schedule an appointment to discuss the return in more detail. It outlines the specific items on the return that the IRS is questioning and provides instructions on how to proceed.

How Unbehagen Advisors Handles It:

An IRS audit can be intimidating, but with Unbehagen Advisors, you have experienced professionals to guide you through the process. We will review the audit letter in detail, assess the areas of concern noted by the IRS, and prepare the necessary documentation to support your tax return positions.

Our Strategy:

Unbehagen Advisors will work closely with you to gather and organize the requested documents and information. We will represent you in all meetings and correspondence with the IRS, ensuring that your rights are protected and your case is presented accurately and effectively. Our aim is to achieve a favorable outcome, minimizing any adjustments to the tax return.


Throughout the audit process, Unbehagen Advisors will keep you informed of every step. We ensure transparent communication so you understand the status of the audit and any actions that are being taken. Handling the IRS can be complex, and we provide clarity and confidence to you throughout the audit.

Error Verification:

Unbehagen Advisors will meticulously review all communications and filings related to the audit. If there are any discrepancies or errors in the IRS’s findings, we will address these promptly and efficiently, advocating on your behalf to correct any mistakes.

Peace of Mind:

Dealing with an IRS audit can be stressful. Unbehagen Advisors takes on this burden for you, handling all the details and negotiations with the IRS. Our expertise and proactive approach provide peace of mind, allowing you to focus on running your business without the added stress of the audit.

For expert support and representation in an IRS audit, contact Unbehagen Advisors today.

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