ShareFile-Secure Client Portal

The “ShareFile – Secure Client Portal” is available to provide our clients with quick and easy access to documents through cloud-based file-sharing. A secure client portal provides a personalized and flexible solution to collaborate with our clients securely, anywhere in the world on a 24/7 basis.   With enterprise-level security features, ShareFile’s client portal software is the perfect way to safely and efficiently share and collaborate on ongoing client projects.

Using ShareFile’s secure client portal avoids the frustration and wasted time of prolonged email chains by giving clients 24/7 access to the things they need. Whether we are working with our many clients that are in different places in the world, time zones or on different days, being able to access important documents and not wait for email correspondence is a game-changer. No more picking up the phone to ask for a file, getting lost in a series of emails, or frustratingly waiting for a reply.   Plus, if you need important documents signed quickly, we can use ShareFile’s e-signature software to do it all online saving our clients even more valuable time and effort.

A secure client portal is the best way to provide our clients with a great user experience when sharing files for their tax returns or for their business accounting needs.  Making them and their business easy to work with, which is important, as it lays the foundation for a healthy and long-lasting, efficient professional relationship.  Great client communication is important to us.  This is a modern way for our firm to embrace current, secure technology to achieve that goal for our clients benefit.