IRS Letter 191C

Letter 191C: Correction to Self-Employment Taxes

What It Is:

Letter 191C is issued by the IRS to notify taxpayers of corrections that have been applied to their self-employment tax calculations. This notice typically explains the reason for the correction, details the adjustments made, and outlines any impact on your tax liability or refund.

How Unbehagen Advisors Handles It:

Corrections to self-employment taxes can affect your financial planning and tax obligations significantly. Unbehagen Advisors will review the adjustments made by the IRS to ensure they are accurate and justified. We will analyze your previously submitted tax returns and any related documentation to verify the IRS’s calculations.

Our Strategy:

If discrepancies are found, or if the IRS’s corrections appear to be in error, Unbehagen Advisors will prepare the necessary documentation to challenge the corrections. We will communicate directly with the IRS to clarify and resolve these issues, aiming to ensure that your tax responsibilities are accurately represented and fair.


Unbehagen Advisors manages all communications with the IRS, providing you with comprehensive updates throughout the process. We ensure that you are well-informed and understand the implications of any changes to your tax status. Our goal is to handle these matters efficiently, minimizing any potential stress for you.

Peace of Mind:

Handling tax corrections, especially those related to self-employment, can be complex and stressful. With Unbehagen Advisors, you have a knowledgeable partner who navigates these issues on your behalf. We strive to resolve any discrepancies quickly and accurately, providing you with peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your business and personal life.

If you’ve received a Letter 191C or need assistance with self-employment tax issues, contact Unbehagen Advisors today for expert tax advice and support.

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