IRS Letter CP15

CP15: Notice of Penalty Charged

What It Is:

The CP15 notice is sent by the IRS to inform you that a penalty has been assessed against you for violations such as failing to file or pay on time, inaccuracies in your tax return, or other compliance issues. This notice details the type of penalty, the amount, the reason it was assessed, and your options for response, including how to appeal if you disagree with the assessment.

How Unbehagen Advisors Handles It:

Penalties can significantly affect your financial standing. Unbehagen Advisors will review the penalty notice in detail to understand the basis of the IRS’s decision. We will help you determine if there is a viable reason to challenge the penalty and assist in gathering any necessary documentation to support your case.

Our Strategy:

If appealing the penalty is advisable, Unbehagen Advisors will guide you through the appeal process, prepare all necessary communications, and represent you in dealings with the IRS. We aim to either reduce or eliminate the assessed penalties based on substantiated evidence and legitimate tax law provisions.


Throughout the process, Unbehagen Advisors will manage all communications with the IRS on your behalf, ensuring that your case is presented accurately and effectively. We keep you informed at every step, providing peace of mind and clarity.

Peace of Mind:

Dealing with IRS penalties can be stressful. With Unbehagen Advisors, you have experienced tax professionals on your side to handle these challenges, minimizing the impact on your financial life. Our proactive approach aims to resolve such issues swiftly and favorably.

If you’ve received a CP15 notice or are dealing with other IRS penalties, contact Unbehagen Advisors today for expert advice and effective resolution strategies.

Other IRS Notice Numbers for Penalty Charges

  • CP162: Notice for unpaid penalty charged due to failure to file a partnership return.
  • CP215: Notice regarding penalties charged on a payroll tax deposit.
  • CP503: Second reminder notice that if ignored can lead to penalties.
  • CP504: Immediate action required notice, where failure to comply can result in a tax lien or levy which involves penalties.

These notices highlight the IRS’s enforcement actions and remind the taxpayer of potential consequences and available remedies. Each letter provides specific details regarding the nature of the penalty, how it was calculated, and what steps a taxpayer can take to address or dispute the charges. Unbehagen Advisors can provide expert guidance and support in handling any of these notices, helping to minimize their impact and resolve the underlying tax issues efficiently.

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