IRS Letter 525

Letter 525: General 30-Day Notice to Discuss an Audit

What It Is:

Letter 525 is issued by the IRS following an audit of your tax return. This notice indicates that the audit has been completed, and the IRS has identified discrepancies or proposed changes that require discussion. You have 30 days to respond to this letter, either by agreeing with the findings, providing additional documentation, or meeting with IRS officials to discuss the adjustments.

How Unbehagen Advisors Handles It:

Receiving a Letter 525 can be daunting, but Unbehagen Advisors is equipped to support you. Our initial step will be to review the findings and evaluate the proposed changes. We will then prepare for a detailed discussion with the IRS, aiming to clarify and, where possible, resolve any discrepancies in your favor.

Our Strategy:

Unbehagen Advisors will assist you in gathering necessary documentation and evidence to dispute or mitigate the IRS’s proposed changes. We will accompany you to any meetings with the IRS, providing representation and advocacy to ensure your position is strongly presented and defended.


We handle all communications with the IRS on your behalf, ensuring that responses are timely and well-documented. Unbehagen Advisors keeps you informed throughout the process, providing transparency and reducing the stress associated with tax audits.

Peace of Mind:

Dealing with post-audit issues can be overwhelming. With Unbehagen Advisors by your side, you gain the confidence that comes from having experienced tax professionals advocate for you. We aim to achieve the best possible outcome, minimizing any additional tax liabilities and safeguarding your interests.

If you’ve received Letter 525 or are facing IRS audit issues, contact Unbehagen Advisors today for expert assistance and peace of mind.

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