IRS REFUND DELAYS EXPLAINED | As of February 18, 2022


IRS REFUND DELAYS EXPLAINED | As of February 18, 2022

Many electronically filed tax returns will have refunds delayed up to 21 days this tax season.  Tax returns that are mailed in to the IRS (NOT electronically filed) may be delayed for many months this tax season. The IRS is still processing tax returns and IRS notices as far back as 2020.  There have been many delays with the IRS due to COVID, IRS staffing losses, outdated IRS computer systems and IRS financial cut-backs.  There are also many delays with the IRS when we are calling them.  Only 1 out of 6 calls are answered by the IRS and many of the hold times take hours.  We are continuing to strive for the best service that we are able to provide to our clients, and we are striving to be proactive with our client IRS notices, however, we appreciate your patience and understanding with the IRS delays during these unusual times.  Unfortunately, there are no solutions being proposed by the IRS yet for better service by the IRS at this time.  However, they are aware of their problems.


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