Easy Small Business Bookkeeping Options


Easy Small Business Bookkeeping Options

Owning a small business has its rewards! Managing the marketing and operations can be very time consuming, yet critically important to your success. However, during tax time, now what do you do? Well, the easy answer is to plan ahead and have a clean set of accurate financials with which you are confident. Start a bookkeeping process that allows you to stay on top of your business financially, throughout the year, so you can see how your business is doing, and to make sure your tax planning is being done proactively ahead of tax season. So, what are your options? Here are a couple of options that our team at Unbehagen Advisors can advise you on, and manage for you, so you can get back your time and save as much in tax as legally possible. We have been guiding many successful small businesses with this process since 1992!

Using an online bookkeeping service: Software like QuickBooks Online and Xero are promoted as easy to use bookkeeping platforms. They are often good for invoicing and keeping track of vendors. However, when it comes to the actual ‘doing’ of bookkeeping and financial reporting work, and providing all of the changing tax interpretation and advice, this is where there is a likely void. These software programs can gather the financial data, but then leave the business owner wondering if their expenses are categorized properly and maximized for tax purposes. We see these software service options used most often when a small business is a bit larger and they may have an ‘internal’ bookkeeper or manager using these software platforms. However, when the client prefers online software integrations, and may not have internal financial staff, we have options including expert staff to do this for them monthly.

Using our in-house bookkeeping service: This is our oldest and most common service for small business bookkeeping. It may be likely the easiest process for you, the small business owner, as well. This is where our team gathers your source documents from you monthly (bank statements, credit card statements, loan statements, asset purchase agreements, etc.). Then we prepare your financials for you, using our in-house software and systems, and return your financial reporting to you monthly, completed. We answer any questions you may have ongoing and you are not bothered by learning new software and dealing with the inevitable changes in financial software over time. Many small businesses enjoy this. You get peace of mind that comes with using our team while you are not ‘managing’ accounting software.

In either case, we have accountants and bookkeepers that can use external or our internal software platforms to provide you with monthly reports that you can rely on for management purposes and tax planning while staying ahead of the IRS and tax laws for you. We have the services to provide you with ongoing monthly small business planning, business advice and tax planning as your business grows. This way, when tax season rolls around you are in charge and confident, and not scrambling to pay late taxes and clean up your financial reporting. Since we are on top of it all year, your tax returns are prepared, and you are notified when they are completed ahead of the deadlines. Now you can focus on managing and growing your small business, knowing you have the expertise of our award-winning team. Contact us today to get started on a new plan to simplify and maximize your businesses financial process and profit – Serving client all around the USA since 1992 www.UnbehagenAdvisors.com 727-934-7759.

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