Discover buried treasure NOW – Get ready for the bill SOON

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Discover buried treasure NOW – Get ready for the bill SOON

As stated in a recent newsletter, one of our main purposes is to improve your cash flows (CFs).

As this HUGE stimulus bill was recently released by the Senate, now sits in the House and will likely be signed on Friday — It will be interpreted over the weekend. We will be blasting you with information on how to apply for SBA loans/grants, file for Re-Employment, receive stimulus checks, and take full advantage of the bill in the coming week(s) — starting EARLY NEXT WEEK.

In the meantime, with the extra time you may have now, it time to FIND BURIED TREASURE. What I mean is that many of you have a homeowners insurance policy. I am asking you to simply email, Jessica Kaylor, our affiliate (contact information below) at Unbehagen/Wallace Welch & Willingham (W3) insurance with your name, property address and contact information along with letting her know that you read this Unbehagen/COVID-19 newsletter. Jessica, the homeowners insurance specialist, will be in touch to request any further information needed, and to provide you with homeowners insurance quotes.

Our insurance affiliation with W3 provides YOU access to one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the state of Florida. They have been established for over 90 years, and have over 100 insurance professionals to serve you. Many clients and associates have seen their homeowners insurance policy premiums drop.

Before you get even busier soon, potentially applying for the coming stimulus items, and leaving your house, NOW is the time to do what should have been done long ago. —¬†review your current insurance policies with our affiliates now.


Client Service Representative, Personal Insurance Division (W3)
(727) 522-7777 ext 186

Wallace¬†Welch¬†&¬†Willingham (W3) –¬†¬†an affiliation with Unbehagen Insurance –¬†

I truly appreciate your support of Unbehagen Advisors and Unbehagen Insurance

Serving our valued clients since 1992

We wish you, your family and our community the very best during these times. We are all in this together.

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