Dedicating Demosthenes The Tarpon Springs Dolphin

Dedicating Demosthenes The Tarpon Springs Dolphin

As a community service project, Unbehagen Advisors purchased and dedicated a Clearwater Dolphin Trail Dolphin to the Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce and the City of Tarpon Springs on November 5, 2018.  Unbehagen Advisors worked alongside the Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce and assigned an art committee to select a deserving artist in the local Tarpon Springs Art Association to design and paint the dolphin statue.  They did a wonderful job of it.  It was coated many times with clear automotive paint to protect its art.

The City of Tarpon Springs chose a location for it in front of the Tarpon Springs Chamber’s Visitor Center and the Tarpon Springs Marina at the very beginning of the world famous Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  The dolphin was named Demosthenes in honor of the Greek culture of the Sponge Docks.  In Ancient Greece, Demosthenes was a great speaker, leader, and gatherer of the people.  The community came together for the dedication including the Mayor of Tarpon Springs, the President of the Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce, the City Manager, The Police Chief and Staff from Unbehagen Advisors, including Todd Unbehagen our CEO who spoke at the dedication.  It was a great event and the Tarpon Springs Community came together for this in a very positive way.  So, visit Demosthenes at the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks, and when you do don’t forget to “hashtag #Demosthenes” on social media when you post the “selfie”!










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